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HSC Personalmanagement has been your certified contact for executive search, HR consulting, corporate succession and management consulting since 1999. We are locally active for our customers nationwide and regionally. Our focus is on companies and corporations from technology-oriented sectors such as medical and electrical engineering, the tech & IT industry, mechanical engineering and plastics technology as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Executive Search Consulting HSC Personalmanagement
Executive Search Consulting? Ask the Headhunter-Expert from HSC Personalmanagement

The consultants of the personnel consultancy have themselves successfully worked as executives and managers in the industry and the industries. Our network is your advantage. We help clients and top candidates to fully exploit their potential. Supervisory boards, board members and managing directors as well as specialists and executives trust us. Trust our headhunter experts too!

Why companies hire us as human resources consultants?

✔️ The company wants to start in Germany

You want to set up a branch in Germany and you are looking for qualified personnel.

✔️ The job holder is not informed and is not allowed to know anything about the process

You do not want the current job holder to know that a successor is already being sought.

✔️ Weaken competition with the best of the best

You are looking for a specialist or a manager from the competition.

✔️ Discreetly find a successor by approaching them directly

You are discreetly looking for a company successor, managing director, board member or specialist.

✔️ Direct approach more successful than advertisements in the print media and the Internet

Your advertisements in the daily newspaper or on the Internet have not achieved the desired success.

✔️ Successful vacancies with our network

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HSC Personalmanagement

Personnel consultancy, management consultancy and management consultancy for industry, companies and corporations. Executive Search for TOP-Management. Personnel consulting for specialists and executives. M&A consulting for the company succession, the sale of the company and the purchase of the company.


Executive Search Consulting HSC Personalmanagement

Since 1999, HSC Personalmanagement has been your contact partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the HSC Personal brand. You can find a selection of our job offers for specialists and executives on our job market stellenpiraten.de Over 400 customers trust us there. For top management positions, please contact us directly.

Executive Search Consulting HSC Personalmanagement

For more than 20 years, HSC Personalmanagement has been a certified personnel consultancy. We are available for you in all regions and industries. Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hanover, Hamburg and Berlin.

Executive Search, the direct approach as a successful method for your search for TOP candidates . .


Startup in Germany Headhunter

Relocating or thinking of moving to Germany? You’re probably already browsing through our job listings, but have you considered taking the stress out of your job search by consulting with one of our friendly recruitment agencies? With positions available at international companies in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and many other cities in Germany, our professional recruitment consultants will be sure to find you your dream career.

For enterprises in the UK England:

You want to set up a branch or a company structure in Germany? Are you looking for appropriate staff? We help you with the implementation of your concepts. We will help you find the right staff. Whether CEO, CIO Manager or SALES Leader . . . we will find the right staff for your success.

Executive Search Headhunter

Executive Search Headhunter, also called Direct Address as a method, has proven to be the most effective way to search for TOP candidates for many years. When it comes to addressing and mediating on the floors of the first to third management level, then this variant is exactly the right one. Board members and managing directors want to be addressed directly by the TOP Headhunter Germany. As a reputable management consultancy, we have been standing for a successful search for the top managers for many years. Take us at our word . . . Are you looking for more information on the topic of Executive Search Headhunter? Then you have come to the right place . . .

Recruitment and recruitment consulting for the success of your search for specialists and executives . .

    Recruitment and recruitment services

    Recruitment and recruiting – Specialists and executives are a constant challenge in recruiting for the search with a recruiting consultancy. There is hardly an industry in which there is not a shortage of personnel. Take, for example, the tech & IT industry. For many years, we have been successfully recruiting SAP experts to our customers as recruitment consultants. Our IT Headhunters know the candidate market very well. But why is HSC Personalmanagement as an IT HR consultancy so successful in filling vacancies?

    In the past, the presence at trade fairs, such as the Cebit in Hanover, was a good opportunity to address tailor-made candidates. The direct approach of the candidates continues to be an important success factor for our company. We currently maintain close partnerships with influencers in the IT industry. Computerwoche counts on our experience in the field of job and career. In the future, we will also count on innovations in all sectors. We can be reached via the media on all channels. You can find us on:

    We are always available for our candidates and customers. Our “HSC-Personal” brand has been a household name for IT professionals for many years. When it comes to recruitment in the IT industry, we are the right partner for you! Open job offers for specialists and executives can be found on our job board stellenpiraten. de Are you looking for further information on the topic of recruitment consulting and recruitment? Then you have come to the right place . . .

    Company succession: M&A consulting for the sale of companies, the purchase of companies and the stock exchange.

      Company succession and M&A consulting

      Succession and M&A consulting – Succession in family-owned companies is one of the focal points of M&A consulting. Owners, investors and owners are looking for follow-up advice. Companies are bought and the owners constantly think about the sale of the company. The demographic change puts the company owners under “latent pressure” to deal with a possible succession also from a strategic point of view. Our M&A consultants support you in the following areas:

      Of course, digitization is also taking place in the area of corporate succession. For this purpose, we have developed our corporate exchange as an online variant. We offer workshops to help you get started in your company’s succession. Are you looking for further information on the topic of corporate succession and M&A consulting? Then you have come to the right place . . .

      Management Consulting for You …

      Management Consulting

      Management Consulting – Management Consulting is a service of consulting companies that helps their customers to improve the effectiveness of the strategy, the operational processes and the structure of a company. We are happy to advise and solve your complex questions. Are you looking for further information on the topic of management consulting? Then you have come to the right place . . .

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      5/5 (34 Reviews)
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