Inverses Headhunting Outplacement Services

Inverse sheadhunting (!) Outplacement Services

Inverse sheadhunting for you ?

Your personal headhunter! We highlight your personal USPs. Would you set yourself up? We help you to optimize your application from the point of view of the potential decision-maker.

Headhunters help you with self-marketing…

We are the professionals in the hidden labour market. Through our support and proactive search, we shorten your way back to work. Our common goal: To quickly create a tailor-made position that meets your expectations and possibilities.

Together we are strong.

We accompany you in all relevant job decisions. Our partnership helps you with all decisions up to and beyond. Book your headhunter.

Inverses Headhunting Outplacement Services

Inverses Headhunting Executive Search – For top executives opportunities and risks – huge network allows managers to quickly re-enter the job!

What does Inverses Headhunting mean?


“Inverse headhunting is a method in which managers are placed back on a job in the hidden labour market through the care of a personal headhunter.”

HSC Human Resources Management: We are looking for you on your behalf. For managers from 160 TEUR p.a. Decades of experience throughout Germany. Arrange a non-binding preliminary discussion here! Inverse headhunting. Services: Research of target companies, target person identification.

Inverse stalking – What is it? Your network and our network. Together we are strong!

Inverses Headhunting Outplacement Services
Inverses Headhunting Executive Search – For top executives opportunities and risks – huge network allows managers to quickly re-enter the job!

Outplacement is a possible way for many applicants to prepare for job search essays and polish up the application documents. Because the first impression counts. For top managers, however, this path is often frustrating. This is where a wide network can help. Inverse headhunting is thus a possible solution and significantly increases the chances of success. Success means: A recruitment at the desired employer. Inverse headhunting starts where classic outplacement ends: when you actually search and find top positions. In any case, inverse headhunting speeds up processes and ensures security in the selection process for a top position.

Job search via covert job market boosts success of inverse headhunting

Headhunters go on behalf of companies in search of personnel. The candidate is always desired. However, top managers and executives do not have to wait for a headhunter to address them, but they can and should take action themselves. This is precisely where we start as hrconsulting. Inverse headhunting is the key word: applicants engage their personal headhunter in order to find a suitable management position. It’s a very useful way to succeed. Inverse headhunters know what companies are looking for and use their knowledge and network to uncover management positions, especially when the positions to be filled are not publicly advertised. And this is precisely the case for positions in the first to third management levels. Anyone who can tap into the hidden job market is at an advantage over potential competitors and increases their chances of success. We give you a way to speed up your search. Take advantage of our network, which has been maintained for years in the TOP management area.  

Inverses Headhunting Outplacement Services
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Our method for you ..

Our recipe for success: the combination of efficient research, a robust and extensive network (former and current clients, headhunters, private equity, family offices, etc.) and an approach that leaves nothing to chance. Sophisticated and effective. A proven model of success. Quite a few CEOs, supervisory boards, advisory boards or shareholders that we contact our customers, know us personally or recognize our handwriting from our customers’ application documents.

Are you also looking for TOP management?

Then you’ve come to the right place …

Exclusivity instead of outplacement for everyone: The fact that we give our customers increased attention only works because our customers usually have more than just the necessary prerequisites for the desired, ambitious positions – they are always above-average qualified, interesting candidates whose documents are not set aside unread. Personnel are aware of the quality of our submitted profiles and the corresponding candidates. Therefore, we check very carefully in your request whether we can offer you the cooperation. Only if you and our house fit together does a corresponding partnership make sense. Top positions are rarely advertised openly, but are filled in other ways. The hidden labour market is characterised by classic headhunting. Since we have been working exclusively in the top segment for decades, we know all the mechanisms in the hidden job market and can identify the right companies and contact persons for you based on our knowledge of the market. Trust our experts. Our way of working has to do with unsolicited applications at best and only on the margins with simple database exports. If database searches were the solution, you would need nothing more than the access code to all the databases to which we also have access. Digitalization also has its limits. We know what’s going on in top-level job interviews because we’ve participated in a lot of those conversations. We have been working in Executive Search for more than 20 years. We know in which industry and function which knowledge, experience and personality traits are required. Our HR consultants usually come from the industry themselves and have worked there in TOP positions. We can reliably assess your competitiveness and market opportunities. We are constantly monitoring the market and paying attention to every change.

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5/5 (4 Reviews)
5/5 (4 Reviews)
5/5 (4 Reviews)